Mwinilunga Secondary School

Secondary School

Mwinilunga Secondary School is located 80km west of Lumwana West in the boma, offering classes for grades 10-12. Because of the distance from the village, Beth’s Girls must board at the secondary school. EBZEF supports tuition fees, boarding costs, groceries, exam fees, uniforms, books and supplies, personal hygiene items, and tutoring fees for grade 12 students. Several Beth’s Girls have been accepted to Mukenge Girls’ School and Solwezi Secondary School, which have higher academic requirements than Mwinilunga Secondary School. It is an honor for the village for their children to be chosen for these schools.

The school year in Zambia begins in January and consists of three three-month semesters. Thus, first semester runs from January through March with April off. Second semester is May through July with August off, while third semester is September through November with December off. Since seniors must take their exit exams in December, Beth’s Girls twelfth graders receive tutoring at Mwinilunga High during the vacation months. EBZEF pays extra board and tutoring fees to support Beth’s Girls toward a high school diploma.

Secondary school subjects include math, English, English literature, agricultural science, physical science (physics and chemistry), environmental science, biology, commerce, principles of accounts, geography, religious education, food and nutrition, and history. Math and English are compulsory. Students do not take all science subjects, but are given a choice. Students take exams in 5-6 courses. Grading ranges from distinction to unsatisfactory: Grades 1 & 2: Distinction; Grades 3 & 4: Merit; Grades 5 & 6: Credit; Grades 7 & 8: Satisfactory; Grade 9: Unsatisfactory.