Beth’s Girls Receive Eye Surgery

June 10, 2008

Mary Lundeba

President Musaka Kabibwa, Nakana Lions Club, Priscovia, Club Secretary Winneys Chikonde, Agatha

Mary Lundeba

Priscovia, Lion President Kabibwa, Agatha, Headmaster Njolomba after Beth’s Girls’ surgery

Thanks to efforts by the Salem Lions’ Club and Lion Governor Rod Bach of Oregon District 36R to connect EBZEF with the Nakana Lions Club in Kitwe, Zambia, Beth’s Girls Priscovia and Agatha Sangenjo, both almost blind, have received cataract surgery.

Nakana Lions Club President Edgar Kabibwa, answered EBZEF’s call for assistance when we thought the problem could be solved with thick lenses. When the cataracts were diagnosed, the Nakana Club immediately scheduled surgery for the girls at the Kitwe Eye Clinic on June 10th, 2008. When their eyes have healed, the girls will return to Kitwe for their lenses under the auspices of the Nakana Lions.

“It is going to be wonderful to see clearly on my 15th birthday,” Priscovia wrote to us. “I am going to be the happiest person in the world because I thought I will never see clearly for the rest of my life.” Agatha added, “It will be a very wonderful day for me to start seeing things clearly. I will remember this day for the rest of my life.”

Mr. Mbongo Njolomba, Headmaster of Lumwana West Basic School, refused to let the girls make the long trip to Kitwe by themselves. He stayed with them the entire two weeks, teaching them math and literature while they were waiting for the surgery and watching over their well-being. Lions Club Secretary Winneys Chikonde was in charge of the Beth’s Girls project. Lion Georgina Muzongwe, Region 1 Chairperson from District 13, attended to the personal needs of the girls. The hospital surgeon and staff were most kind and supportive.

Agatha wrote, “I thank the Bowers, the Lions Club of Nkana and my good teacher Mr. Njolomba for helping my sister and I through this.” Both girls will now go on to secondary school at Mwinilunga High School. Agatha and Priscovia were excellent students in spite of their limited vision. The Lions’ generous international gesture has opened new horizons for Beth’s Girls for the future.



Priscovia Sangenjo is completing her third and final year at Teachers College in Solwezi. She wants to teach English and Religious Studies in secondary school in the NW Province.


Agatha has matriculated at the Zambian College of Open Learning (ZAMCOL) in Solwezi in a three-year secondary school teaching program. She, too, hopes to teach English and Religious Education like her sister, Priscovia.