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Mary Lundeba

Mary Lundeba

Dr. Mary

Mary Lundeba

Professor Mary


Mary with talapia for new ponds

Mary Lundeba, Beth’s aquaculture trainer in Kitwe for Peace Corps in Fall 2001, said “I actually love teaching so much that’s how come I have identified myself with Peace Corps as a trainer.” On an EBZEF scholarship Mary received her Master of Science degree from the University of Malawi in August 2005, one of the first to graduate from the new Aquaculture and Fisheries Science program.

The high quality of her work earned Mary a teaching fellowship to Penn State University for a PhD in Fisheries Science. After “three years of hard work to achieve my goal,” Mary graduated as a Doctor of Fisheries Science in August 2009. She has returned to Zambia to be with her sons Terrah, age 15, and Terry, age 8. Mary adds, “It has always been my desire to give back to the community because it is the community that has seen me this far. I always remember where I come from. With the problems facing my country right now I may be part of the solution. That’s why I must return and see what I can do towards the development of my country.”

Mary is grateful to family, friends and two PEO scholarships for the support which has made her accomplishment possible. “Thank you to EBZEF and to all the donors that are contributing to this project. My achievement has been your achievement, so you can see the fruits of your efforts today.” Mary is an excellent role model for Beth’s Girls in their quest for education. “I would love to be a source of that inspiration As you are aware, African women are less privileged people, but they need to know that the sky could be the limit.”

Mary’s advice to Beth’s Girls

“I’m very proud of you that you are actually forging ahead. I encourage you to work hard to achieve your goal and want to inspire you that you can achieve anything, you can be anyone you want to be. Just like me-never expected that one day I would be a doctor. And here I am today, a doctor of fish, because I’ve actually forged ahead and have used all the resources that the donor community has given me to work out my future.“

Mary's Work Today

Mary is currently the Aquaculture Project Manager at the Ministry of Agriculture in Angola. She is helping with interior reconstruction of the country by establishing a new national fisheries program. “I’m very happy with this project because I get to put what I have learnt into practice, and, most importantly, it’s a food security program. Once fish farms are established, we will then start training the rural communities how to grow fish.” Mary is making a difference in Angola’s ecology, food production, and economy.

As a first EBZEF Beth’s Girl, Mary affirms that “this project [EBZEF] is upon my heart.” She understands her importance as a role model for other women in Zambia. “The legacy of Elizabeth Bowers, wanting to give a helping hand to the less privileged, and bringing about economic and social development, still moves on! Now across the Zambian borders to Angola where Aquaculture has not taken off yet, I have successfully established the first fish farm and am now working on the second. It gives a good feeling to see the results of my work!”

Prudence Masanyinga

Mary Lundeba

Prudence in Lusaka

Mary Lundeba

Prudence in Memorial Library


Happy Newlyweds!

Prudence Masanyinga, EBZEF’s first Beth’s Girl high school graduate, completed a two-year Certificate program in Community Development Studies plus an 18-month Advanced Diploma in Rural and Urban Management from Chalimbana Government Training Institute in Lusaka. She returned to the village of Lumwana West to help other Beth’s Girls continue their education and is working with the new Lunga Area Development Program of World Vision Zambia in the NW Province.

Prudence takes her position as role model for Beth’s Girls seriously. She serves both as translator and as facilitator for her “Bethie Gals” when we visit Lumwana West. Prudence is working hard to fulfill her scholarship contract with EBZEF to “give back to the village.” She encourages Beth’s Girls to pursue their education beyond the limits of the community. “Most of our parents in rural areas believe that educating a girl child is a waste of money. She won’t do anything in the future. So I want them to learn from me and from Beth’s Girls that educating girls is also important. They can bring development to society.”

Prudence has been working for World Vision Zambia (WVZ) as a Social Development Worker in Lumwana West village.  She is EBZEF’s premier role model as the first Beth’s Girl to graduate from secondary school, to succeed in an extended tertiary program, and to be hired to work with the development of her own people. Prudence is continuing her education with a distance learning program for a sociology degree from Mulungushi University. She married a WVZ colleague and now lives and works in Mwinilunga.

Dianah Masumbah



Dianah Masumbah, one of EBZEF’s first Beth’s Girls, completed her exams in December 2010 and graduated in May 2011 with a diploma for teaching primary school from Solwezi College of Education. With a grant from the Columbia River Peace Corps Association, EBZEF hired Dianah from January-March 2011 to develop an Early Childhood Literacy Program through the Memorial Library.

This was the beginning of a pre-school program in the village which has continued successfully under the auspices of Beth’s Girls from Lumwana West. With assistance from Lumwana West Basic School teachers and instructional visits from Tamara Weiss, doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota in Early Childhood Development, EBZEF has created a viable two-year pre-school program for the community.

Dianah is now married, has two children, and is teaching at Kanyikezhi Primary School where her husband, Mark, is headmaster in a village about 28 kilometers from Lumwana West. Photo: Dianah in Memorial Library

Sandra Kamulosu




Sandra Kamulosu, another of EBZEF’s first Beth’s Girls, completed a Secretarial and Office Management course at Solwezi Trades Training Institute before the Memorial Library was completed. When she realized EBZEF needed a librarian, she completed a six-month Library Science training course and received her certificate from Zamtel Training College in Ndola. EBZEF was delighted to hire one of our own Beth’s Girls as Librarian of the brand new Library.

With the help of the Lumwana West Basic School Teachers, Sandra began to catalog all the books from Books For Africa by hand, until EBZEF instituted a Resource Mate cataloging system from Canada. Working with the EBZEF Library Committee, Sandra has set policies for library use, including solar power and laptop computers. She has also been a seminal figure in the success of the pre-school program in the village.

Sandra is a premier role model for the women and girls in the village with whom she works daily in the Library. Her September 8th, 2012, marriage to basic school teacher Harry Sakahemba was a clear statement to younger Beth’s Girls to get an education first, then choose a career, then get married, and only then have children. Sandra and Harry’s first child is due in May 2014. Photos: Sandra as new librarian (L), The beautiful bride with her father (R)

Angela Kasonga






Angela Kasongo graduated from the Hotel & tourism Training Institute in Lusaka. She successfully completed the internship phase of her study in Food Production at the Solwezi Mining complex where she is currently employed. Photo: Graduation on May 27, 2011


Rachel Kamwandi






Rachel Kamwandi, successfully completed her coursework in sociology as well as her attachment (i. e., internship) at the Solwezi Mines for a degree from Copper Belt International College in Kitwe. She hopes to stay in the NW Province to work at “giving back” to her community. Photo: Rachel Kamwandi

Priscovia Sangenjo



Priscovia Sangenjo has been a Beth’s Girl since 2006 from grades 8-12. She is also one of the sisters who received cataract surgery in 2008 sponsored by the Nakana Lions Club in Kitwe. This enabled her to complete grades 10-12 successfully at Mwinilunga Secondary School. Priscovia is currently engaged in practice teaching at Solwezi College of Education. “I look forward to teaching English and Religious Education to grades 8-12, hopefully in Lumwana West.” She will complete her coursework in 2014 and graduate in spring of 2015. Photos: Priscovia the language student (L), Priscovia at home (R)

Justina Salumawu

Justina Justina

Justina Salumawu has completed a three-year radiography program at Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka in December 2013. “Hi, mama Linda, my results are out, and I passed with 4 merits and 1 pass. Am so happy! Thanks, you really contributed a lot.” Radiography is a health science which deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases using radiation. Justina says, “I believe it’s the eyes of medicine, for it is able to show other medical practitioners where internal problems are in a patient.”

Justina tells us “from childhood I have always wanted to study any program in the field of health sciences. I was inspired by my dad with the way he could care for patients, and I thought being like him in this field could make a great difference.” Her father, Paul, is a trained nurse who runs the basic clinic in Lumwana West. Photo: Justina with radiology patient (L), Justina (R)

Julia Salumawu






Julia Salumawu was an outstanding Beth’s Girl student and leader at Mwinilunga Secondary School, graduating in 2012. She is in her second year of studying in a three-year program of physiotherapy at Evelyn Hone College where her sister Justina also studied. She will complete her coursework in December 2015. Photo: Julia at Evelyn Hone College

Kutemba Njolomba



Kutemba Njolomba, daughter of Lumwana West Basic School Headmaster Mbongo Njolomba, is in her first year of study for a Bachelor of Education degree in Natural Sciences at Copperbelt College of Education. She wants to teach secondary school math and science. Kutemba worked with the village pre-school between high school and college to “give back” to her community. Photo: Kutemba working with Tamara Weiss

Agatha Sangenjo



Agatha Sangenjo has matriculated at the Zambian College of Open Learning (ZAMCOL) for a three-year program in secondary school teaching. She hopes to teach English and Religious Education in the NW Province. Agatha also received cataract surgery in 2008 sponsored by the Kitwe Nakana Lions Club.

She encourages younger Beth’s Girls from the village of Lumwana West: “It is a privilege to have such a rare opportunity like this. I encourage you all to work hard because education is the only key to success. I wish you all the best in life.” Photo: Agatha Sangenjo in Memorial Library

Melba Chitala




Melba Chitala plans on attending a nursing college in 2014. She is awaiting acceptance notification. Photo: A beautiful happy Melba