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Elizabeth Bowers Memorial Library

As a Peace Corps Partnership Program, EBZEF provided funding, Peace Corps provided construction oversight, and the community of Lumwana West provided construction materials and labor for The Elizabeth Bowers Memorial Library in 2006-2007. Local craftsmen built bookshelves and furniture from mukwa, a rare hardwood in the area. In 2008, 22,000 volumes of books arrived and were sorted and shelved in the Memorial Library. The books were provided by Books for Africa, shipped by World Vision U.S., with transport paid for by The Caritas Foundation.


The Bowers visited Lumwana West in 2009 to officially dedicate and turn over the library to the community as a gift from Beth. In 2010, through a special fund-raising program, "Light and Literacy for Lumwana West," EBZEF paid to add solar panels, lighting and laptop computers for the Library. Beth's Girl Sandra Kamulosu serves as the Lumwana West Memorial Library librarian. EBZEF supports her salary, Library maintenance, as well as subscriptions to numerous magazines and newspapers.

Pre-School Education Program

With EBZEF's support, Beth's Girl and Teacher's College graduate Dianah Masumbah developed a popular pre-school in the community in 2010, working with Beth's Girl Jean Mutepuka as a teacher's aide. In 2012, EBZEF supported Tamara Weiss, a doctoral student from the University of Minnesota specializing in Early Childhood Development and International Education, for a visit to Lumwana West. She helped to organize and expand the pre-school, to organize the library to be more accessible to users, and to develop a pre-school teaching training program. This work supported her paper for the 2013 Comparative & International Education Society Conference, using Lumwana West as a model site. Tamara returned to Lumwana West in 2013 to continue to work with the community on the pre-school program and Memorial Library. Beth's Girls Kutemba Njolomba, Jean Mutepuka, and Belinda Kalumba worked as teachers at the pre-school to "give back" to the village for their scholarship program.


In 2009, the Zambian Early Childhood Development Project (ZECDP) was launched in a collaborative effort by the Zambian Ministry of Education (MOE), the Examination Council of Zambia, UNICEF, the University of Zambia, and the Harvard University Center on the Developing Child. EBZEF's pre-school program, highly unusual in remote rural areas, drew the attention of the MOE to Lumwana West. In late 2013, the MOE sent Beatrice Kabandi, an early childhood specialist, to the village to teach the pre-school classes with Jean Mutepeka as Teacher's Aide. The Baal Dan Charity funded latrines for the pre-school and is partnering with EBZEF and the Lumwana West community to construct pre-school classrooms.

Local Outreach

In the U.S., EBZEF encourages volunteerism and cross-cultural education for students at all levels and for community members in Salem, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest, as well as nationally. This promotes international understanding, compassion, and a sense of sharing for those who participate in our program to sustain Beth's vision. Local Salem schools conduct fund-raising and educational programs to support and build a relationship with Beth's Girls in the community of Lumwana West.

  • PACE (Public, Private and Community Enterprise Project) at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University: (2012-2013)
    Illumination Consulting Project.

  • PACE Team

  • Pi Beta Phi Sorority at Willamette Unniversity: (2006 + ongoing)
    Education, volunteer support for sales and community events.

  • Pi Beta Phi Sorority

  • South Salem High School Zambia Club: (2007 + ongoing)
    Education, support fundraisers for EBZEF.

  • Zambia Club

  • Adam Stephens Middle School ESL Class: (2008 - 2012)
    Education, fund-raising, and corresponding with Beth's Girls.

  • Adam Stevens Middle School

  • Schirle Elementary School: (2011, 2013)
    Education, volunteer support for sales and community events, Penny Drives for pre-school funiture and supplies.
    Schirle Elementary School


Please click HERE to view EBZEF's Secondary School Proposal for Lumwana West.

EBZEF is working with the community of Lumwana West, the Zambia Ministry of Education, World Vision, and Engineers Without Borders to bring a secondary school program to Lumwana West. Zambia has moved from a Basic School (grades 1-9), Secondary School (grades 10-12) program to a Primary School (grades 1-7), High School (grades 8-12) system. This means the children from grades 8-12 will have to leave their families to go to distant boarding schools at impossible costs. EBZEF and our partners are working hard to bring a full educational opportunity, including pre-school and grades 1-12, to all children in Lumwana West.

Secondary School

The community of Lumwana West in the Northwestern province of Zambia needs a high school! Please click HERE to view our concept paper, which provides information about the Lumwana West community, and why construction of a high school there is so important to its children and future. The children’s improved health and livelihood is contingent on their education opportunity.

Secondary School

Education is foundational to breaking the cycle of poverty.