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EBZEF strives to be transparent in its operations. These operations include the following: money received from public donations vs. family members, the quantity of funds spent on programs vs. administrative costs, the items EBZEF programs fund, and the results visible from these donations.

In 2005, it was clear that EBZEF was growing beyond a group of friends and family donating to support Beth’s memory by helping to further the education of girls in a remote rural village in Northwest Zambia. With program growth, EBZEF prepared annual reports to document work completed, underway and proposed; how funds were spent; and challenges and opportunities for the future. EBZEF added pictures to the Annual Reports in 2008 and beyond to connect us visually with Beth’s Girls, our projects, and our many partners.

EBZEF Annual Reports are important to inform our loyal supporters that their donations are spent with careful thought and determination to support and provide education in Lumwana West, Zambia. Money is carefully and well spent. The Annual Reports also serve as important markers to remind EBZEF and its supporters of how much we have accomplished since we lost Beth in 2002.

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Download the 2018 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF,  908KB)

Download the 2017 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 1,455KB)

Download the 2016 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 1,437KB)

Download the 2015 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 1,475KB)

Download the 2014 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 1,200KB)

Download the 2013 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 1,046KB)

Download the 2012 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF,, 1147KB)

Download the 2011 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 802KB)

Download the 2010 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 623KB)

Download the 2009 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 536KB)

Download the 2008 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 2.7MB)

Download the 2007 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 172KB)

Download the 2006 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 147KB)

Download the 2005 EBZEF Annual Report (PDF, 131KB)